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Panasonic Remote Working Communication Solutions

Panasonic PC & Mobile Softphone Solutions

We understand the importance of keeping your business connected with customers during these uncertain times, when staff are required to work remotely and away from the office.

Panasonic Business communication systems support a number of solutions and features that can help businesses transition to remote working and working from home arrangements.

Through the use of PC Softphone & Mobile Softphone applications, remote staff can use their PC's and Smartphones with full office phone extension connectivity.

"Mobility is a ‘must have’ when it comes to business communications today.

UC apps such as Panasonic PC & Mobile Softphone are a great way to extend the functionality of our customers’ Panasonic phone systems beyond the office, making workforces much more mobile."

Fifi Tjiong, Product Marketing Manager

Panasonic System Solutions Oceania



Panasonic PC Softphone is supported and easily installed on existing Panasonic KX-NS700, KX-NS1000, KX-NSX1000, and KX-NSX2000 systems*. Users can see missed calls, log into a call group, and easily check voicemail messages via several user selectable GUI's**.


*Free trial only available for KX-NS700 & KX-NS1000

**MRG (Media Relay Gateway) connection of extensions with PBX requires DSP resources

    Supporting Small Business with Free PC Softphone Trial


    Many businesses are battling on to stay operational during this lockdown period even with many staff forced to work remotely. Keeping communication lines open to provide a high level of customer service often becomes very challenging.

    To help ease some of this burden, from 1st April 2020, you can help your local community by registering for a free Panasonic PC Softphone trial licence valid until 30th June 2020 (for KX-NS700 or KX-NS1000 systems only).

    Register your details by completing this form and a representative will be in touch shortly.



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