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Why partner with Panasonic Toughbook & Toughpad?

Panasonic is one of the most well-known, trusted and respected brands in the world. Partnering with Panasonic Toughbook & Toughpad means joining with a market leading company. According to market analysts VDC Research, Panasonic continued to dominate the European rugged notebook and tablet market in 2015. Our market capabilities help you to discover new opportunities with our unique products, solutions and services.

Succeed with a Partner who doesn't compete with you and has the essential know-how to transform joint value propositions into new opportunities.

The Toughbook Engage Partner Programme 

Choose the best business support for you.

Panasonic have created a dedicated Partner Programme to empower partners like you to open up a wealth of opportunities by offering even more value to your customers. We also help you to stand out from the crowd and benefit from access to tools you need to succeed. Your support is vital in taking our solutions to new customers and into new markets. ‘Engage’ - our multi-tiered Toughbook Partner Programme, has been designed especially with your requirements in mind, whether you are a distributor, reseller or independent software vendor (ISV). The Programme offers five tiers of partnership – Registered, Premier, Distributor, ISVs and Certified ISVs – each reflecting different levels of capabilities and expertise:

Click on the tiles below according to your partner type to explore our dedicated benefits and register today to become a member of the Toughbook Engage Partner family.