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    Check on your devices' health at any time.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Smart Battery Monitor

Ensure your TOUGHBOOK devices are always performing at their best.

The TOUGHBOOK Smart Battery Monitor keeps track of your devices' batteries round the clock and alerts you in advance of any potential battery failures.

When battery health deteriorates, the Smart Battery Monitor software automatically notifies you via email. With a two-level alert system, this will give you time to take action and ensure your devices maintain their performance levels in the field. 

Smart protection – for 3 years

The benefits of buying the Smart Battery Monitor software quickly add up:

  • Predicts and eliminates battery issues.
  • Maximises workforce productivity levels and minimises downtime.
  • Minimises costs associated with replacement.
  • Minimises downtime with rapid replacement battery dispatch.
  • Compatible across all TOUGHBOOK devices.
  • Monitor anywhere between 50 and 50,000 devices from one dashboard.

TOUGHBOOK Smart Battery Monitor – maintaining device performance and maximising up-time with minimal fuss.

Free 60 day trial of full Toughbook Smart Service

TOUGHBOOK Smart Service gives you a real-time analytics tool that captures, analyses, stores and reports on the health and behaviour of your mobile device.

We will provide you with a login to view the comprehensive Smart Service dashboard, active for 60 days from activation of Smart Battery Warranty.


The TOUGHBOOK Smart Battery Monitor provides real time insights via the cloud-based battery health dashboard. Download to find out more.



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