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Scanning Solutions by ProGlove

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK and ProGlove combine seamlessly as a stand-alone scanning solution for the supply chain, warehouse operations, inventory checking and retail.

ProGlove MARK is the first smart glove scanner for industry that prioritises human-centered design. The lightweight, rugged wireless barcode scanner can reduce scanning time by up to 50% and reduce errors by 33%. Typically replacing wired or wireless handheld and ring scanners, the solution enables operators to remain hands free and with full dexterity to manage other tasks. The application is suited to static, semi-static, and dynamic workstations in production and logistics including assembly, materials handling, quality control, inbound/outbound, picking and material transport.


A Combined Wearable Solution

Just like TOUGHBOOK, ProGlove builds the lightest, smallest, and toughest barcode scanners in the world, with more than 500 renowned organisations across manufacturing, production, logistics and retail already using these smart workforce solutions. TOUGHBOOK and ProGlove are innovators of data capture solutions for Industry 4.0 and together we’re prioritising human-centered design and workflows. The MARK family of wearable scanners are ergonomically designed for hands-free movement, allowing workers to focus on business-critical tasks.

Complete with a software platform that enables easy device management and offers the ability to integrate scanning capabilities with your back office systems, plus Bluetooth Low Energy or RF connectivity options so you can capture data quickly and accurately, you can rely on ProGlove to seamlesly support your business activities.


panasonic toughbook tablet and proglove scanning

The ProGlove Mark System

proglove mark range

Mark Range

Your handheld barcode scanner replacement

Achieve maximum productivity in all application areas with the Mark range. Its combination of optic, haptic, and acoustic feedback reduce error rates by up to 33%, for more accurate, more efficient working.

When combined with a wearable, every worker will have both hands free – so they can concentrate on other value-added work. With various integration options, the Mark range can adapt to your system landscape and offer immediate plug and play results. Plus, with enough battery life for 7,500 scans, this is the ideal companion for logistics and production workers.

proglove index trigger wrap

Index Trigger Wrap

Maximum freedom and flexibility

With this wearable wireless scanner, your employees’ hands remain free and with full dexterity. Workflows are no longer disrupted by the need to locate and grab a traditional handheld scanner – meaning your teams are equipped to handle more.

The ProGlove Index Trigger is designed for comfort, and is compatible with the entire MARK family of scanners. Wearable on either a free hand, or over various types of work gloves, all it takes is a lateral thumb trigger to engage the scan function.

proglove charging station

2 Slot Charging Station

Full power for multiple workstations

The charging station enables quick and easy charging for up to two scanners from the MARK family.

Ideal for workplaces where barcode scanners are distributed across individual workstations, the cradle has been designed for easy horizontal or vertical mounting, ready for post-shift charging.

A full charging cycle takes less than two hours with intuitive LED indicators to alert you when charging is complete.

ProGlove & TOUGHBOOK N1 Handheld

The Benefits of Wearable Technology in the Modern Day Supply Chain

Whether it's e-commerce or any other industry, when you look at supply chains you will inevitably end up at warehouses and logistics operations, the kind of environments which are extremely strenuous. Order picking, inventory checking, packing and all the other jobs in these situations require physical effort and human dexterity. However, this is also the environment in which wearable technology is making a difference, especially if it follows the principle of human centered design.

As items travel along the supply chain through warehouses to customers, they are managed by the use of barcodes. Every step in the process is documented with a barcode scan, yet traditional scanners come with a number of issues that can be eliminated by means of wearable devices.

For example, glove scanners can reduce common picking errors by up to 33% if they come with an instant feedback option that confirms good picks and signals bad picks. In addition, they can decrease scanning time by up to 50% because workers no longer have to pick items up, put them back down, let alone search for them. This can amount to a time gain of up to four seconds per scan and these micro-efficiencies can scale big in high frequency scan environments as we typically find in warehouses and logistics.

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