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TOUGHBOOK Smart Service captures, analyses, stores and reports on the health and behaviour of your mobile device.

Thanks to this scalable, cloud-based SaaS solution,
you’ll have access to a whole host of real-time
insights including:

So, what does this mean for your operations?

  • Significantly improved workforce efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Minimised disruptions 
  • Maximised ROI
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Optimised device utilisation 

TOUGHBOOK Smart Service
can be easily incorporated
onto most TOUGHBOOK devices at any time during the device's lifecycle


TOUGHBOOK Smart Service
doesn’t interfere with
other device applications
or affect battery usage.

A closer look

Identify utilisation improvements

Pinpoint devices that are being under-utilised and redeploy to other parts of your organisation. Gain a deeper understanding of the applications being used most, and their affect on device performance and worker productivity. 

•    Full-status visibility of each and every device in your fleet
•    Vital performance analytics 

Put an end to unexpected bills 

Identify high-usage data areas, heavy users and demanding applications to optimise device performance and reduce heavy data coverage costs. 

•    Monitor WLAN activity 
•    Track mobile data usage


Boost productivity 

Diagnose root causes of any issues that impact on efficiency, correct problems as they happen, and determine the effectiveness of any corrective action thanks to real-time operational insights. 
•    Alerts for device disruptions and reboots
•    Identify connectivity issues
•    Isolation of device versus user issues

Avoid disruptive and costly downtime

Determine the root causes of rapid battery discharges and proactively resolve battery issues to avoid unplanned, disruptive and costly downtime that impacts on productivity. 

•    Monitor battery performance 
•    Record charging cycles
•    Predict life expectancy 


And there’s more…

While you have the complete freedom to manage your device yourself, TOUGHBOOK Smart Service is also available as a fully-managed Panasonic solution, saving you valuable time and resources.


TOUGHBOOK Smart Service is compatible with
any mobile device management or enterprise
mobility management solution.







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