Healthcare technology solutions for the 21st Century 

Delivering better care at lower costs

Here at Panasonic Toughbook, we’ve worked closely with the public and private healthcare sectors for decades, so we truly understand the unique challenges your healthcare professionals face.

Your mobile healthcare staff now more than ever need to respond rapidly to potential problems, securely access patient records and input data on the go, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Going digital is the answer.

It means less time spent on paperwork, and more time spent on customer and patient relationships.

It means less life-threatening data inputting errors and faster reaction times.

Going digital means altogether better care for your patients.



Why go digital?

  • Access vital patient information securely and in real time
  • Input any outcomes, notes and updated patient records directly into your central system
  • Send or receive critical data from even the most remote accident scenes instantly
  • Reduce referrals to consultants with 3D digital imaging
  • Connect to other devices such as EKG, ECG and blood pressure machines
  • Reduce data errors that could potentially cost lives
  • Track and trace medication, patients and equipment
  • Cut travel times and costs
  • Order equipment, medication and resources more efficiently
  • Protect patient confidentiality
  • Go paper free

But not all mobile devices are created equal

When it comes to delivering optimal healthcare your mobile workers need the best digital tools for the job.

They need superior reliability, seamless flexibility and uncompromising performance.

They need:

  • Instant access to digital information – however remote the location
  • Unquestionable safety and security guarantees
  • Sanitiser-safe equipment
  • Reliable devices that deliver every single time, no matter the weather, no matter the time of day
  • Connectivity they can count on – even when on the move
  • Long battery life for extended or multiple shifts

And that’s exactly what Toughbook and Toughpad deliver.


Low TCO – better for your bottom line

Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad devices achieve incredibly low failure rates too, minimising your total cost of ownership (TCO). Add to that built-for-purpose productivity features and extended ProTect warranty offers –including additional damage options – and that cost can be reduced even further.

Request a TCO calculation to determine for yourselves how much you could save long-term by investing in rugged devices.


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