Toughbook – the utilities specialist

Here at Panasonic Toughbook, we’ve worked closely with the best of the best in utilities for decades, to truly understand the unique challenges you face.


So that we can deliver the perfect rugged and tailored mobile computing solutions for your sector.

Your utilities workers and field staff, now more than ever, need:

  • Instant access to digital information – however remote the location
  • Unquestionable safety guarantees
  • Devices that deliver, no matter what the elements throw at them
  • Connectivity they can count on – even when on the move
  • Long battery life for extended or multiple shifts and the ability to change batteries themselves

​In short, they need superior reliability, seamless flexibility and uncompromising performance.

And that’s exactly what Toughbook and Toughpad deliver. 


Which means good news for the utilities sector – the sector with one of
the highest device repair requirements of all. In fact, recent IDC research
showed that around 15% of all respondents from the utilities sector said
that their tablet, notebook and handheld device users had required
repairs due to physical damage in the last 12 months.


From wireless intelligence and security to productivity-enhancing technology and the ‘Connected Vehicle’, our durable handhelds and supporting services are helping to drive on-the-go efficiency for the utilities sector in ways never before possible. 

Improving response times

Decreasing downtime 

Increasing quality of repairs

Delivering first-rate customer service

Driving costs down

Boosting profitability 

Consumer vs. rugged – which is really<br>cheaper in the medium-term?

Consumer vs. rugged – which is really
cheaper in the medium-term?

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Connected Vehicle 

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