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  • Take your office on the road

Take your office on the road

Toughbook combines world-leading durability with first-class digital connectivity to help take the productivity and efficiency of fieldworkers to a whole new level.

We’re driving the future of connected mobility.

Care to join? 


The connected vehicle

  • Uninterrupted access to real-time information wherever the road takes you
  • Digitally access manuals, service history or spare part availability before you even arrive at your destination
  • Reliably capture and share data as you go
  • Navigate to exactly where you need to be more efficiently

  • Receive real-time assignment updates while on the move
  • State-of-the-art telematics software
  • Optimised antenna to increase reach also when out of the vehicle
  • Proven long-term reliability of your rugged mobile notebook or handheld device. 

No more coverage gaps or lost connections out in the field

  • LAN, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, WWAN (3G/4G) options
  • 4G MIMO antenna
  • In-vehicle rugged wireless router
  • Mobile Performance Management Software optimises your network connections in real-time 

Taking your devices into the heart of the action

  • Easily-installed vehicle docking solutions
  • Securely lock your devices in place
  • Can be tailored entirely to your needs – dashboard-mounted, stored in the rear or hidden out of sight under a seat or in the glovebox
  • Designed to withstand impact, knocks and drops
  • Allow right- and left-hand access to your devices when driving 


Superior safety on the move

  • Toughbook docks and brackets absorb as much energy as possible upon impact, ensuring they do not detach and become a projectile in a collision.
  • In addition to the usual environmental, vibration and cycle testing of our devices, Panasonic also puts every dock through vehicle impact testing


Navigating made simple

  • GPS, GIS and telematics software
  • Know where your workers are at all times
  • Send and receive real-time routing requests 

Keeping your show on the road

  • World-class direct fleet support
  • Rapid repairs for minimal downtime
  • Unparalleled warranty options 

Longer lifetime

  • Longevity and sustainability built into docking range
  • Vehicle docking solutions can integrate easily with new Toughbook and Toughpad models as they arrive
  • No need to replace or change in-vehicle solution