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High-Speed data transfer to IT systems boosts operating efficiency

Files are saved onto the P2 card in MXF format. This allows direct data transfers to IT-based broadcasting and production systems configured with Non-linear editors and network servers. P2 equipment also comes with USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 interfaces to support both Windows and Mac systems. The P2 card mounts* directly to the PC card slot of a laptop PC. In addition to file-based recording, the P2 card boasts fast access and data transfer speeds, enabling direct on-card editing.

Non-linear editing can also begin without digitizing or other time-consuming operations. Further, editing can be performed while transferring or saving recordings to a hard disk or other archivingsystem in the background. These features significantly reduce program production times, decrease the size of production crews, save labor, and increase cost benefits to operation and management.

* The PC must be installed with the included P2 driver in order to mount P2 cards. For editing, the PC must be installed with P2-compatible editing software available from various companies.