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  • KST-WM-HEA10/130

Wall Mounts for Panasonic PTZ Cameras


The KST-WM-HEA10/130 and KST-WM-HE40/UE70 are wall mount brackets designed exclusively for Panasonic PTZ cameras.
The wall mount KST-WM-HEA10/130 is available in black (KST-WM-HEA10/130-B) and white (KST-WM-HEA10/130-W) and can be used for the Panasonic full HD remote camera AW-HE130, even in combination with the control assist unit AW-HEA10 (weight 1,4kg).

The model KST-WM-HE40/UE70 is also available in both, black (KST-WM-HE40/UE70-B) and white (KST-WM-HE40/UE70-W), and is compatible with the AW-HE40 models and the 4K remote camera AW-UE70 (weight 1,25kg).