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Integrated PTZ Cameras

Panasonic provides a comprehensive remote camera solution that facilitates UHD (4K), Full-HD and SD for a wide range of applications – all via IP. From fixed-rig TV productions to supporting the growth of e-learning within higher learning for lecture capture, from live streaming to corporate use in auditoriums, our remote cameras support the most difficult of shooting conditions in both indoor and outdoor situations.

The flagship in our remote camera range is the AW-HE130, which includes a newly-developed 3MOS sensor allowing for Full-HD quality images in low-light conditions, up to four channels of IP streaming video, a 20x optical zoom and a built-in Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) system which minimises the effect of vibrations from the surface where the camera is mounted.

We have also introduced the AW-HR140, which offers the same image quality as the AW-HE130 but includes features that supports use in the toughest of outdoor environments including haze reduction functionality, resistance to wind pressure and severe salt damage, a lens wiper that can be controlled via a controller and the ability to work in temperatures ranging from -15°C to 55°C.

Our UHD (4K) remote camera offering currently consists of the AW-UE70, which provides UHD-quality video via HDMI, USB and LAN. Besides this capability, the camera performs extremely well in HD via 3G-SDI, in addition to featuring a 20x optical zoom and in-camera recording via a microSD card slot, with both UHD (4K) and HD formats supported.

The AW-HE40 comes in both a 3G-SDI and HDMI version, and features a 30x optical zoom, a night mode that supports shooting in low-light conditions, a High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode and an exceptional pan-tilt performance that supports smooth shooting across a wide area.

A unique feature of the cameras listed above is that they all support single cable operation whereby video and audio, control and power can all be provided via a single CAT5 cable thanks to their Power over Ethernet (PoE +) feature, making for significant ease of installation. In addition, the listed cameras can also support our auto-tracking software (AW-SF100) which assists automatic tracking of a person and suits both education and video conferencing environments, and these cameras come in a colour option of both black and white.

The AW-HE2 is an excellent low-cost, fixed-position camera with a wide-angle lens of 95° and a built-in microphone, all within an ultra-compact body and whilst also having the ability to be controlled via IP.

Panasonic has partnered with a range of companies to support additional application within its remote camera line-up. For example our collaboration with KST-Moschkau has provided an outdoor housing solution for the AW-UE70 and the AW-HE40 in addition to wall mounts for these cameras and the AW-HE130. The robotic arm UR10 from AR+ can be used with our remote cam models and our 4K multi purpose camera AK-UB300.

Our entire remote camera line-up can then be controlled via the compact, easy-to-operate AW-RP50 controller and the functional AW-RP120 that includes a joystick and additional operating enhancements. Both controllers allow up to 5 remote cameras to be controlled via serial, and up to 100 cameras via a switching hub.