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FacePRO™ Facial Recognition Solution with Deep Learning Technology


Panasonic's FacePRO™ Facial Recognition Solution automatically matches a person’s face using live or recorded video from Panasonic i-PRO cameras to a database of enrolled faces and performs notification and alerting of face matches.

It provides a  real-time processing capacity of up to 20 cameras per server and can execute high-speed searches of up to 30,000 registered reference faces.

Key Benefits:

  • High precision even in challenging environments
  • Cost reduction through best shot feature and easy setup
  • System search expandability (up to 30,000 faces)



Would you like to?

  • Improve security across your entire premises without interrupting your operations or customer service standards?
  • Maintain complete 24/7 surveillance?
  • Identify wanted and unwanted visitors in real time, even in crowded areas?
  • Prevent crime, including vandalism, theft and anti-social behaviour, with no additional staff requirements?
  • Automate and streamline processes such as ticketing and admission?
  • Overcome challenges to identification including covered faces or poor image capture?
  • Gain greater insight into customer behaviour and movement to deliver more satisfying experiences and provide VIP treatment?
  • Meet local data handling regulations and secure your databases against hacking threats?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, Panasonic’s industry leading FacePRO™ facial recognition software will help you overcome your challenges.


Prevent unwanted visitors. Protect personal privacy.

With FacePro™, you can instantly identify pre-registered ‘unwanted’ visitors in crowded areas, such as known trouble makers or criminals held on your database. You can also pre-register authorised visitors, such as staff or ticket holders, and identify those gaining unauthorised entry to restricted areas. Pre-registration of authorised people ensures smoother traffic flow and more efficient crowd management. Whenever there are attempts to gain unauthorised access, an alarm notifies your surveillance system which can immediately mobilise ground staff. Thanks to enterprise-class data encryption the personal information you gather is also protected at all times.



Recognise people who don’t want to be identified

The latest generation of FacePRO™ makes use of the world’s most powerful facial recognition engine, allowing you to record and match faces to those held in your database, even in the most challenging environments. Deep learning facial recognition technology overcomes the difficulties faced by conventional technologies, such as:



Maximum benefit. Minimum resources.

FacePRO™ optimises the performance of your technology, while minimising the demands on your resources. The system can be configured with cameras to capture pre-registered unwanted visitors and cameras to detect unregistered faces. To reduce the bandwidth load your facial recognition server, ‘best shot technology’ ensures that only the best facial images are ever transmitted. And thanks to easy set up and system integration, your costs are minimised too.


Complete GDPR Compliance

To help you meet GDPR requirements, FacePRO™ is designed to store, delete, save and disable registered faces in line with current legislation. Enterprise-class data encryption ensures that facial data and personal information are not at risk from security breaches.