• VL-900

    Video Intercom Multi Door System, Video Intercom, multi door surveillance, appartment complexes

VL-V Series

Analogue video intercom system for large apartment complexes

Panasonic's multi door video intercom system, a combination of PBX and cameras, connects up to 18 lobby stations and 560 monitors for large apartment buildings. The VL-V Series has the ability to support 4 guard stations and multiple buildings when connected to a PBX system.  

The VL-V Series video intercom system is an easy and low cost system that requires only 2 wire cables (1 pair of cables) and fewer equipment needed. 


System includes:

  • 1 Control box
  • 28 units of Distribution box 
  • 560 Main Monitor units


  • Accommodates up to 3 lobby stations, 7 distribution units, and up to 560 rooms
  • Tough and durable (IP55 / Compliant with IK07)
  • Ability to connect to a PBX system, 4 guard stations and multiple buildings
  • Supports night vision, human sensor and displays resident's name
  • Wide Angle Camera (H:170°, V:115°)
  • Notify of accidents (fire, injury, etc.) to reception, another station via a PBX