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  • WV-X8570N

    4 x 4K Multi Sensor Camera

WV-X8570N - 4 x 4K Multi-Sensor Surveillance Camera

Designed for use in safe city and traffic applications, the Panasonic i-PRO Extreme WV-X8570N 4 x 4K Multi-Sensor camera’s ability to deliver incredible image quality - even in the most challenging conditions - sets it apart in the market. As part of the Panasonic i-PRO® Extreme line of video surveillance cameras, the Multi-Sensor delivers uncompromising image quality – 4x4K (33 MP), 3840x2160, 15 FPS – for evidence capturing from any angle.

The WV-X8570N has four repositionable lenses with 4K image sensors, minimising blind spots at complex traffic intersections and other locations where a wide area needs to be monitored, such as parking lots, building perimeters, airports and station concourses. For greater viewing flexibility, Panasonic’s swingEye wide range tilt angle adjustment allows for both a 270-degree or 360-degree view.

Durable, with outstanding low light performance, the WV-X8570N is an excellent choice for nighttime applications. H.265 compression with new smart coding, self-learning ROI (Region of Interest), ClearSight Coating, and full end-to-end system encryption make the i-Pro Extreme Multi-Sensor a technologically advanced IP camera, pushing the limits of technology in video surveillance to enhance security and safety.


High Resolution 4 x 4K (33MP) 3840x2160 15fps

Identification of vehicles up to 30 metres away across multi lane intersections



Combining H.265 compression with Smart Coding Technology

Even when recording at high resolution 4 x 4K (33MP), bit rates remain less than a single 4K camera utilising H.264 compression

* “H.265 with Smart Coding” provides max 95% reduction in total file size when compared to “H.264 without Smart Coding”, dependant on the scene.



Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism

*The above image shows the adjustable range of a single camera. The adjustable range of each camera varies according to the positional relationship with other cameras.



Four repositionable lenses enables flexible monitoring to minimise blind spots


Key Features

  • 4 x 4K(33MP) 3840x2160 15fps
  • Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism
  • Four repositionable lenses to minimise blindspots
  • H.265 compression with Smart Coding
  • iA (intelligent Auto)
  • ClearSight Coating