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  • WV-S8530N

    4 x FHD Multi Sensor Camera

WV-S8530N - 4 x FHD Multi-Sensor Security Camera

Designed for use in safe city and traffic applications, the Panasonic i-PRO Extreme WV-S8530N 4 x FHD Multi-Sensor camera’s ability to deliver incredible image quality - even in the most challenging conditions - sets it apart in the market. As part of the Panasonic i-PRO® Extreme line of video surveillance cameras, the Multi-Sensor delivers uncompromising image quality – 4xFHD (8 MP), 1920x1080, 30 FPS – for evidence capturing from any angle.

The WV-S8530N has four repositionable lenses with FHD image sensors, minimising blind spots at complex traffic intersections and other locations where a wide area needs to be monitored, such as parking lots, building perimeters, airports and station concourses. For greater viewing flexibility, Panasonic’s swingEye wide range tilt angle adjustment allows for both a 270-degree or 360-degree view.

Durable, with outstanding low light performance, the WV-S8530N is an excellent choice for nighttime applications. H.265 compression with new smart coding, self-learning ROI (Region of Interest), ClearSight Coating, and full end-to-end system encryption make the i-Pro Extreme Multi-Sensor a technologically advanced IP camera, pushing the limits of technology in video surveillance to enhance security and safety.

Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism

*The above image shows the adjustable range of a single camera. The adjustable range of each camera varies according to the positional relationship with other cameras.



Four repositionable lenses enables flexible monitoring to minimise blind spots



Hassle free installation

Installation time can be greatly reduced by confirming the live image and adjusting viewing angles with a smartphone or tablet device via Wi-Fi connection

Select "360 deg. View" or "270 deg. + Right below view", check the live images of 4 cameras at the same time, and adjust the angle of the camera. Select the live image of one camera and adjust the zoom and focus.


Key Features

  • 4 x FHD (8 MP) 1600x1200 / 1920x1080 30fps
  • Wide range tilt angle adjustment mechanism
  • Four repositionable lenses to minimise blindspots
  • H.265 compression with Smart Coding
  • iA (intelligent Auto)
  • ClearSight Coating