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  • WV-SFV781L

    True 4K Outdoor Security Camera


True 4K Security Camera

Anti Vandal Outdoor True 4K Security Camera

Introducing Panasonic’s brand new ultra-high-definition WV-SFV781L 4k security camera, which provides the crisp and clearest images ever experienced. It is vandal proof and packed with a multitude of ground breaking features. This outdoor 4K security camera offers extremely high picture quality, with 1/7th the file size of other 4K security cameras thanks to our compression technology. We understand the importance of wide angle viewing through HD cameras, and have ensured that our True 4K security cameras maintain crisp clarity in any area of their view, whether it is the centre or the corners of the image.

  • 4k optical 6 x zoom lens
  • 12MP high sensitivity sensor for 4k security camera
  • High resolution, more than 2000TV lines
  • Rain wash coating for clear view in any weather condition
  • Smart IR-LED for visibility in any light condition
  • 4K ultra engine
  • Smart DoF (Depth of Field)

Wider viewing area allows for condensed, low cost, efficient security camera systems

The WV-SFV781L 4K security camera also provides 17° to 96° horizontal angular field of view with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 17.0° to 100° horizontal angular of view with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The WV-SFV781L and WV-SPV781L are also weather and impact resistant with IP66-, NEMA4x- and IK10-ratings.

The 1/1.7” sensor located within the security camera, in combination with the Panasonic True 4K F1.6 lens achieves low light performance at just 0.3lx in colour, 0.03lx in black and white mode or 0lux through the smart IR-LED function, being highly sensitive compared to competing 4K class surveillance cameras.

Virtual PTZ operation allows the user to crop certain areas in the camera view whilst still recording the whole area, so no event is missed in mission critical applications.

The camera's rain wash coating allows for continued high visibility in rainy conditions, ensuring that the water is sheeted from the surface of the camera rather than form droplets which can scatter light and impair visibility.

Panasonic Business Security Solutions

This innovative 4K security camera is ideal for a range of outdoor applications. The environments that it would flourish in are, but not limited to:

Public safety, e.g. City surveillance at intersections, squares, prisons or parking spaces.
Transportation, e.g. at airports, stations or hub terminals
Industrial environments, e.g. Port facilities, plants

This 4K Security Camera is just one of many Panasonic 4K products, see more in this video:

Product Features

  • 4K (3,840 x 2,160) images up to 30 fps, 12M pixel (4,000 x 3,000) images up to 15 fps
  • VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified area) technology allows the designated eight locations to retain higher image quality while the excluded area will have a decreased image quality, which enables to use lower image file size and bit rate.
  • Multiple H.264 (High profile) streams and JPEG streams ensure simultaneous real time monitoring and high resolution recording.
  • High sensitivity with Day & Night (ICR*) function: 0.3 lx (Color), 0.04 lx (B/W) at F1.6 * ICR: IR Cut filter Removal
  • Vandal resistant mechanism for high reliability (IK10)
  • Rain wash coating for visibility in rainy conditions
  • Dehumidification device for use with various weather conditions
  • Smart IR LED equipped: The equipped infrared LED makes it possible to take pictures at zero lx. The IR LED is controlled to match the environment, thereby the camera provides clear images of human faces without white blur.
  • HLC (High Light Compensation) technology reduces strong light sources such as vehicle headlights to prevent camera being blinded
  • Fog compensation function equipped as standard.
  • IP66 rated water and dust resistant. Compatible with IEC60529 measurement standard, Type 4X(UL50), NEMA 4X compliant.