• WV-SFV531

HD Dome Security Camera

Full HD / 1,920 x 1,080 60 fps H.264 Vandal Resistant Network Camera featuring Super Dynamic

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Key Features

  • 1080p Full HD images up to 60 fps
  • Approximate 1/3 inches, high sensitivity MOS image sensor
  • Multiple H.264 (High profile) streams (max. 4 streams) and JPEG streams ensure simultaneous real time monitoring and high resolution recording by enhanced "UniPhier®", Panasonic's proprietary System LSI platform
  • Enhanced Super Dynamic and ABS (Adaptive Black Stretch) technologies deliver 133 dB wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras
  • Multi process NR & 3D-DNR ensures noise reduction in various conditions
  • High sensitivity with Day/Night (ICR*) function: 0.07 lx (Color), 0.01 lx (B/W) at F1.6
  • ICR: IR Cut filter Removal

The Panasonic WV-SFV531 dome security camera is capable of recording in full HD resolution and is inundated with a variety of intelligent features. This product displays full 1080P images at 60fps, ensuring a crisp image that flows smoothly, achieved through the use of a high sensitivity MOS image sensor. Many operators experience large file sizes and excessive data consumption levels due to the use of HD images in a security system. With the WV-SFV531 security camera this is no longer an issue, this camera uses h.264 compression to ensure that the file sizes of any recordings are dramatically down sized. In addition to this, the camera allows the user to use Variable Image Quality over Specified Area (VIQS) technology to further reduce file sizes. Such factors can greatly contribute to the reduction of costs associated with running and maintaining a high quality security system. This product also features multi process NR & 3D-DNR, meaning that any excess noise is significantly decreased, making the camera versatile and suitable for a variety of environments. 

Other Features

  • ABF (Auto Back Focus) ensures easy installation
  • VIQS (Variable Image Quality on Specified area) technology allows the designated eight areas to retain higher image quality while the excluded area will have a decreased image quality, which enables to use lower image file size and bit rate
  • Cropping function enables to provide whole image and the part image simultaneously
  • Up to 4 image capture areas can be specified, and it is also possible to control the sequence
  • Face Super Dynamic technology ensures clear face image
  • Lens distortion compensation for the distorted images can be adjusted 256 steps
  • Electronic sensitivity enhancement: Auto (Up to 16/30s) / OFF
  • Selectable light control modes:
  • Outdoor scene,Indoor scene (50 Hz) / Indoor scene (60 Hz),Fix shutter
  • Indoor scene (50 Hz/60Hz): Flicker caused by fluorescent lightning will be automatically compensated
  • 3x extra optical zoom at 640 x 360 resolution
  • 2x, 4x digital zoom controlled by browser
  • VMD (Video Motion Detection) with 4 programmable detection areas
  • 15 steps sensitivity level and 10 steps detection size