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  • WV-X4170

    Indoor 4K 360 Degree Security Camera

Indoor 4K 360 Degree Security Camera

360-degree Indoor Dome Camera

Panasonic WV-X4170 captures the highest quality images; in particular, its superior lenses add extra clarity to the edges of the frame allowing for huge coverage within any vicinity. 

Key Features

  • 9 Megapixel fisheye images up to 30 fps
  • iA (intelligent Auto)
  • Super Dynamic 108dB
  • H.265 Smart Coding
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant

ABF (Auto Back Focus) ensures sharp focus in both colour and monochrome modes, correcting the focus when the temperature swings. The WV-X4170 is equipped with a vandal resistance mechanism for high reliability and complies with EN50155 standard for on-vehicle applications.

With embedded iPro Extreme features, your WV-X4170 becomes more than just a traditional CCTV camera. Intelligent Auto (iA) monitors scene dynamics and motion to adjust key camera settings automatically in real-time, reducing distortion such as motion blur on moving objects. Adopting H.265 Smart Coding technology, bandwidth efficiency is intelligently increased for longer recording and less storage.

In addition, powerful built-in analytics provides advanced behaviour analysis, privacy protection and automated CCTV. Finally, as we recognise that cybersecurity has become a growing concern for all, the camera supports full data encryption streaming and is compliant with FIPS 140-2 Level 1 standards, keeping the video stream extremely secure.

Extreme image quality for evidence capturing under challenging conditions

  • Clear and less distorted image of the person's face and objects at the edge of the fisheye
  • Instant response to sudden light changes like tunnel entry and exit
  • Auto Shutter speed control for fast moving objects
  • Super Dynamic 108dB for backlit situations and shadows on night streets
  • Built-in IR LED to produce a clear monochrome image in zero lux conditions with 10 m (33 feet) irradiation distance
  • Environmental durability : EN50155, IP66, IK10, 50J and electric dehumidifier


Extreme H.265 compression with new Smart Coding

  • Longer recording and less storage space compared to any H.264 based compression techniques
  • New self-learning ROI (Region Of Interest) encoding (Auto VIQS) dynamically detects motion areas to keep vehicles and humans in good picture quality while lowering your bandwidth


Extreme Data Security

  • Full encryption SD card edge recording to keep your data safe
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant
  • Full end-to-end system encryption with supported VMS and devices to protect from IP snooping/spoofing and detect data alteration


Complete with powerful analytics built-in*

  • Heat map : Visualisation of people's traffic pattern and staying times
  • People Counting : Statistics data on the number of people entering and leaving a specific zone
  • MOR (Moving Object Remover) : Monitoring of only the surrounding environment by removing people and other moving objects from video

*To enable analytics, please add the optional WV-SAE200 software.