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About Us | Panasonic Professional Services and Solutions

Connecting best-in-class technology with your strategic business goals

For over 100 years, Panasonic has manufactured, retailed and supplied electrical goods worldwide. With businesses needing to rapidly adopt new technology solutions, the Panasonic Professional Services and Solutions Group (PSSG) was created to help facilitate this process.


As a division within the Panasonic Business arm, the services of PSSG include:

  • Complete end-to-end connected product and solutions service.
  • Providing superior quality edge devices and business solutions.
  • Connecting products with technology, even outside the Panasonic product suite.
  • Helping improve efficiency and customer experience through integrated technology and customised solutions.
  • Bringing global technology and solutions locally and in a practical real world environment.
  • The only electronic consumer goods manufacturer in Australia with the ability to offer these types of integrations.



Our Process


Advise & Consult

We determine your organisational challenges through collaborative workshops and discussions, and work with you to establish a clear set of achievable goals. While there might be one initial challenge, our consultative framework can help find opportunities for growth and efficiency through integrated technology solutions.

Tailored Solutions

Through a phased test and learn approach, our team will create a solution for your needs. We’re not limited by the Panasonic suite of products or technological solutions, and will instead leverage our experience with hundreds of global partnerships, all of which are experts in their respective fields of robotics, IoT, and connective software. These partners help create a customised solution that will best fit your organisational goals and needs.

Ongoing Support

Once implemented, we’ll continue to optimise and work with your team to get the most out of our connected solution. We’ll use P&L and customer satisfaction ratings as our baseline. We’ll also continually review the solutions landscape and add value where needed through software updates or new and best-in-market options.



How can we help your business?



We understand the importance of efficiency in people and technology across your supply chain. With our custom connected solutions, you can reduce human resource supply chain errors with technology solutions that compliment the manual process.

We’re able to look at the most inefficient areas of your business and reduce errors by providing semi-automated or completely automated technology solutions that work alongside your human resources.


Not only can we help you have complete visibility over all your technology and goods, we can also provide solutions that enable your third party partners or customers to receive oversight.

Our customised solutions help connect all the devices and technology in your supply chain. You and your customers have complete oversight over your goods, processes and data. You can track your goods from warehouse, to store, in-store and out again — all through connected software.


Our integrated device and software solutions can help bridge the gap between customer experience and back-end operations.

You can ensure your teams have the right information at the right time, helping you deliver a seamless workflow and customer experience.



Meet our team

When you work with Panasonic, you’re working with some of the best and brightest in the connected solutions space.

Strategic Consultants

Our consultants help you uncover your challenges and set your goals.

Solution Architects

Our highly experienced solutions architects develop the blueprint and deliver your tailored solution.

Operational Support

Our operations and support team handles the rollout of your solution and are on-hand as your day-to-day team.



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