Driver Hub

Empower your workforce and increase productivity

  • Improve the productivity of your mobile workforce
  • Enhance reporting and management visibility
  • Reduce costs and administration time
  • Manage your mobile workforce more efficiently

In an increasingly mobile world, day-to-day device management presents a major challenge for organisations. Many field workers need multiple devices in order to carry out their daily critical tasks; from mobile phones, POD or Electronic POD applications to SatNavs. This makes managing the flow of information difficult, reduces the productivity of your workforce and increases administrative pressures – all of which can  affect your bottom line. 


Total managed solution from one device

Panasonic’s Mobile Management Suite offers a total managed solution that puts everything your workforce needs onto one rugged device – providing your organisation with greater speed, simplicity and access to many different systems from one central solution.


Designed to meet the needs of your workforce and your business

Delivered via rugged Toughpad Android tablets – built to withstand the many physical demands of mobile work – Panasonic’s MMS is designed to include all the hardware, software and management applications your workforce need in order to fulfil mission-critical tasks. It also eliminates having to manage multiple devices for phone, messaging, navigation, route planning and PODs.


The system is capable of integrating with business applications such as:

  • GPS
  • Microlise SmartPOD
  • HomeSmart integration
  • Configuration of Tachomaster
  • User management site-level mapping for user-site-manager/training manager mapping
  • System for holiday booking
  • System for regulated processes, training and driver checklist
  • Dashboard for KPI and statistics reporting
  • Newsletter and site brief
  • Phone and Messaging services
  • Vehicle check reports
  • Push-to-talk technology


What can Panasonic Mobile Management Suite do for your business?

  • Improve user productivity
  • Optimise the functionality of mobile devices across your organisation
  • Empower employees and improve morale
  • Improve reporting and management visibility
  • Offer significant financial savings
  • Reduce administration time
  • Improve data accuracy and availability
  • Increase the efficiency of management and driver time


Mobile Management Suite – Specific applications

  • Organisations with a field workforce
  • Geographically dispersed warehouse staff (on or off-site)
  • Delivery drivers
  • Fleet operators