Energy Storage Solutions

Control the cost and reliability of electricity for your business

  • ​Reduce energy bills and avoid premium pricing during peak demand
  • Generate additional revenue
  • Move towards energy independence 

Getting your money’s worth from your solar investment?

Panasonic’s Energy Storage Solution is an effective way to offset peak demand, save on electricity purchased and better manage the delivery and flow of electricity. Our reliable and safe energy storage technology stores a large amount of electricity  in reserve and releases it when your variable electricity rate  is at its highest.

With most utility companies implementing a time-of-use tariff, allowing them to charge different amounts for electricity at different times of the day, electricity prices are now at a premium during peak periods. Panasonic’s energy storage solution charges power during off-peak times, and discharges during peak hours, shifting the load to low-cost times of day  and significantly cutting your expenditure.

How Energy Storage can help your business:

  • Power your business around the clock
  • Keep mission-critical systems running at all times
  • Store energy at times of high demand/rate and reduce your peak time electricity charges
  • Generate additional revenue through offering demand-side response service
  • Control your energy costs without having to change a thing about your daily business operations
  • Protect yourself against rises in energy prices

Why store energy?

Energy storage is important for several reasons. Firstly, to ensure everyone gets the energy they need, whenever they  need it and secondly, for emergency situations like power outages during storms, equipment failures or accidents.  This stored energy helps to balance the supply and demand and results in a cleaner and more efficient energy supply  that everyone can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Energy Storage Applications

An ideal solution for:

  • Commercial buildings (Offices, Retail and Leisure)
  • Warehouses and logistics centres
  • Industrial and manufacturing operations

We work with our customers to match the right technology with their application so they can get the maximum value  out of their system. Our team takes care of every part of your project, including custom system engineering, installation  and ongoing system maintenance and monitoring.

Our product portfolio also extends to air source heat pumps and lighting.