• Reduce your vehicle movements – and costs – into congested areas
  • Cut your carbon footprint
  • Increase control and management of the supply chain
  • Improve retailer and customer satisfaction

Consolidating deliveries into heavily populated areas, such as town centres, shopping centres and airports, is no easy matter. So how do you achieve that ideal situation of reducing deliveries in controlled areas, while still being certain that retailers have the stock they need, when they need it, every day of the week?

The answer is Panasonic’s StyleFlow smart consolidation tool.

This innovative logistics solution matches the demand for – and restrictions on – deliveries in airports, urban centres and larger shopping complexes. Consolidating these deliveries, it provides secure supply-chain management, along with end-to-end visibility and real-time goods tracking. So goods flow smoothly and efficiently from multiple suppliers to multi-vendor sites, increasing the efficiency, accuracy and management of the process.

Supported by an online portal for operational and customer relationship management, StyleFlow has been designed to be fully configurable to your requirements, while still meeting the standards set out by the DFT.


What StyleFlow gives you…

  • Single sign-on: allowing the end user to access multiple functions with a single user profile.
  • Master data management: designed to allow multiple self-configurations across all elements, such as dock availability.
  • Self-booking portal: enables carriers or suppliers to go online and book their deliveries into both the consolidation centre and store.
  • Cross dock/Outbound deliveries: providing functionality to receive stock, consolidate, create outbound deliveries and electronically capture signatures and exceptions.
  • Storage solution: developed to allow multiple customers to upload advanced shipping notifications and securely store products. 
  • Customer services/Reporting module: electronically captures and tracks customer queries, from request to resolution. The reporting suite, allows easy access to Management Information and Business Information data.
  • Visibility/Request portal: secure access for customers to track their stock both inbound and outbound, as well as arrange transfers, return stock to suppliers and pick stock from storage.