Mobile Surveillance System

Increase safety and enhance efficiency for rail operators with real-time video surveillance

  • Real time access to on board surveillance from anywhere
  • Improved customer experience
  • More efficient and effective use of staff resources
  • Maximised service uptime

Today, more than ever, rail operators are expected to operate more efficiently, meet ever-demanding passenger needs, and maintain a safe environment for their passengers and staff. Surveillance is used widely on board trains to help combat crime, but the challenge has always been the ability to record, store and monitor footage in real-time and react quickly to incidents. Panasonic takes video surveillance to a whole new level by offering wireless surveillance cameras that capture video and voice information, as well as utilising the latest wireless LAN capabilities to provide real-time viewing and  video storage via a central server.  

Meet your safety challenges with proven surveillance solutions

Thanks to high-performance wireless specification, fast and easy installation and robust build quality, Panasonic’s Mobile Surveillance system is the ideal solution not only for improving safety on trains, but also increasing efficiency in a number of critical areas. Wireless surveillance cameras on trains capture video and voice information. The data is uploaded can be viewed in real-time via a central server or stored for later use. 

Collect real time intelligence and react quickly

The ability to view surveillance in real-time enables rail staff to react quickly to incidents such as theft, vandalism or interruptions to service. Video footage can provide intelligence about particular locations and suspects, as well as promote clearer communication between passengers on board and station staff.

How Panasonic Mobile Surveillance Solution can help your business:

  • Protect passengers and staff travelling on board trains
  • React instantly to incidents of theft, vandalism or interruptions to service
  • Reduce costs and lengthy delays following crime
  • Reduce risk of legal liability
  • Maintain real-time, easily accessible live view and records from a central location
  • Record and store video and audio surveillance of activity on board trains

Cameras, recording kit and player software offers a wealth of enhanced features, including:

  • Wireless in-train video and voice recording
  • Supports 3.5G UMTS/HSDPA live view
  • Fast wireless upload of video files at station
  • Central view and playback of video
  • Central video storage and network management
  • Emergency portable remote view kit
  • High resolution cameras, fully dynamic and vandal proof

The wireless video recording kit supports 6 days of local storage (up to 64 GB SSD), power-up self check mode, built-in accelerometer to detect train stops and direction of travel and seamless fast roaming. The player software supports up to 9-channel concurrent playback using fast forward, reverse, step, and variable playback speeds, and can play back across multiple recorded files without interruption.