Trespass Warning System

Driving security innovation in the rail sector to reduce risk and minimise cost

  • Trespasser deterrent and disruption risk reduction
  • Minimise customer journey disruption
  • Maximise health and safety compliance
  • Reduce loss through vandalism

Incidents such as trespassing, suicides and crime cost the railway network millions of pounds a year. As well as compromising passenger and staff safety, they also have  serious operational consequences and lead to inevitable delays for passengers. Thanks to Panasonic’s Trespass Warning System technology, rail operators can help prevent trespass incidents at known hot spots, as well as reduce the number  of false alerts that cause unnecessary delays.

Improve efficiency and reduce risk

Using Panasonic’s vandal proof dome camera technology in combination with a thermal camera, rail operators can detect and monitor behaviour patterns so that station staff can take appropriate action. The system also produces an audible warning to trespassers that acts both as a deterrent and safety precaution. This results in rail network providers being able  to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience and  reduce business risk.


What can Panasonic Trespass Warning System do for your business?

  • Create an automated audible warning to those meeting behaviour patterns associated with loitering and trespassing
  • Drastically reduce the number of false trespassing alerts, minimise service disruption and customer delays
  • Prevent future incidents of vandalism with visible camera deterrents
  • Create alerts so that station staff can take appropriate action
  • Robust and reliable CCTV installations that are vandal resistant and weatherproof

Automated zone intrusion detection and loitering recognition

Panasonic’s technology uses fixed visual cameras as well as thermal cameras in combination with VISuite’s virtual zone intrusion detection and loitering recognition, to create an accurate picture of an individual’s behaviour. Station platforms are zoned, so that anyone entering specific designated areas triggers a Pan Tilt and Zoom camera which tracks subsequent movements.

Our CCTV cameras are designed to withstand vandalism, heavy rain and high temperatures, making them perfect for deployment on the railway network.