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Now we've even got the delivery cleaned up.

Working in partnership with our friends at DHL, we are delighted to be able to announce to our customers 'GoGreen' – an all-inclusive, carbon neutral transport service which complements our Carbon Offset For Life programme.

With GoGreen, DHL calculate and offset all the carbon created during the delivery of your Panasonic products. Carbon emissions which are offset in this way are independently verified and certificated.This means that any logistics associated to our after sales service collections and deliveries has minimal environmental impact, as all carbon emissions are offset and nullified with environmental investment.

Like Panasonic, DHL is fully committed to doing everything possible to reduce carbon emissions. In addition to the GoGreen service they are investing in low emission vehicles, testing alternative fuels and streamlining every aspect of their operation which consumes energy.

So - not only do Panasonic offer great products, solutions and service - we also commit to helping you achieve all your green requirements, whilst also taking care of the planet. ²