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The Scheme

We have chosen to work with ClimateCare, one of the leading organisations in the voluntary carbon market, and asked them to recommend a range of Gold Standard projects for us to invest in.

The Gold Standard Foundation is a non-profit organisation that operates a certification scheme for carbon credits in both the voluntary and compliance offset markets, accepting only renewable energy and end-use energy efficiency projects that actively promote sustainable development.

Carbon offset projects that satisfy Gold Standard requirements are granted permission to use the Gold Standard brand name and logo, and sell their carbon credits with the Gold Standard label.


How we calculate the CO2 Emissions of your purchase.

You can offset carbon emissions caused by the operation of the projector or display, i.e. the electricity consumption of the device. For each product we know its maximum power consumption under each mode of operation, eg. EcoMode.

To calculate the C02 emissions from your Panasonic products during use:
You have to tell us which models you are using and how many hours you will typically use them

Tell us which country you are in, so that we can convert the electricity to C02 emissions. We use country-specific data from publicly available sources to tell us how much C02 was emitted in producing electricity. This is important, as each country has a different mix of power sources resulting in different levels of emissions. For example, France generates most of its electricity from nuclear power which has low C02 emissions but the UK has a mix of power (renewable, gas, coal and nuclear) which results in higher figures.

We have taken measurements of the power consumption of all our projectors in use in each mode of operation.

We multiply the three figures (power consumption x number of hours use x country data) to calculate your particular CO2 emissions.

How the scheme works