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  • TH-55SF2

    55" Signage Display

  • TH-65SF2

    65" Signage Display

TH-65SF2 - 24/7 Professional Signage Display

Offering high operability ideal for rental & staging, digital signage, education and corporate environments.

  TH-65SF2 TH-55SF2 TH-49SF2 TH-43SF2
Screen Size 65-inch (1693mm) 55-inch (1387mm) 49-inch (1232mm) 43-inch (1079mm)
Brigthenss 450 cd/m² 450 cd/m² 450 cd/m² 450 cd/m²


  • Bright, easy-to-see images
  • Efficient to run
  • Easy to use
  • Highly reliable for 24/7 use
  • Monitor remotely 

Ideal for digital signage

The full HD displays come in four sizes (from 43²-65²) with wide-view IPS panel technology and 450 cd/m2 brightness for easy viewing even in bright spaces, making them ideal for digital signage applications.

Efficient E-LED backlight

The E-LED backlighting is highly energy efficient, so the displays are cost-effective to run around the clock: perfect for retail, transport or restaurant settings.

Time-saving settings

Cloning function reduces the installation time of multi-unit installation. Save the settings from one screen and copy straight onto other screens via USB. Connect displays using a LAN network to clone menu settings and adjusted values from one screen to another

Get images looking just the way you want

Quick colour adjustment makes it easy to get matching brightness and colour across multiple screens and multiple options for image adjustment mean you can change the settings to suit the image you want to display.

Easy-to-use USB media player

It’s quick and easy to play saved content: simply insert a USB stick to play both still and moving images. 

With the new Panasonic Content Management Software for PC you can easily create playlists and set up schedules.

Reliable, fail-proof display

Efficient and highly reliable screens for continuous 24-hour operation; the Failover and Failback functions will keep your image on display even if the signal fails. If the signal fails the display switches to a backup signal and switches back to the main signal as soon as it’s up and running again.

Spot problems before they happen

The optional Early Warning Software helps you reduce downtime by identifying problems before they occur, so you can make the most of your support time. It’s easy to manage the screens online from your usual computer.

Remote control software

With Multi Monitoring and Control Software, you can control and monitor over 2,000 devices. See data for individual devices or groups of devices and execute commands remotely to make it easier to operate multiple digital signs.

DIGITAL LINK for flexible installation

Connect the displays with a single cable for high quality images with simple setup. DIGITAL LINK cables can reach up to 150m compatible with major third-party control systems, giving you plenty of installation options.*1

*1 Digital Link is only available for TH-65SF2

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