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Panasonic Projectors Create Perth Festival’s Nocturnal Wonderland

Perth Festival’s extraordinary hit ‘Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak’ returned in 2019 to transform Kings Park into a nocturnal wonderland over four spectacular nights. In this epic work, Noongar culture, science, cutting-edge technology and breathtaking artistry came together to celebrate the unique and fragile beauty of South Western Australia’s landscape.

Perth Audiovisual (PAV) used Panasonic projectors to transform the avenues of Kings Park into an ever-moving canvas, where trees and flowers bloom, flocks of birds descend, wetlands fill, bush fires rage and the stories of the formation of the land unfurl.

“Two years of passion, research, huge artistic integrity and logistical planning went into making this unique spectacle set in one of the world’s largest inner-city parks. From the inception, the creative and technical teams knew this project was going to be something very special both from a visual sense and the message it conveyed over its moving journey.”
– Lee Williams, General Manager, PAV

Two vision trucks and four purpose-built projection towers were positioned over the 1.2km walk, with each tower housing high resolution projectors. PAV utilised eight Panasonic 3-chip DLP projectors (4 x PT-DZ21K 20,000 lumen and 4 x PT-RZ12K 12,000 lumen), connected by more than five kilometres of optical fibre and powered by custom media players and mapping software.

This technological feat allowed more than 230,000 visitors to experience the six seasons of the South West through an immersive tunnel of light and sound, accompanied by the evocative words of Noongar author, Kim Scott explaining each season as it was thrillingly brought to life.