Panasonic 4K LED LCD displays designed for Business
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Professional 4K LED LCD Premium Displays


Panasonic Visual Solutions has been relentlessly perfecting technologies that free you to create the ultimate visual experiences. Now, as the world moves toward 4K, we’re keeping you one step ahead of it – combining bright, crisp ultra HD resolution with the reliable, durable qualities you’ve come to expect from our display technology.


High resolution imagery, down to the very last detail

Large-scale images are increasingly being utilised in public spaces. But as screen sizes increase, full-HD quality can lack sufficient resolution. Fine, intricate detail can be lost. Our large 4K displays allow you to create big, bold displays whilst still ensuring fine text and textures are reproduced with sharpness and high clarity. With approximately 8,290,000 pixels – or about four times the pixels of a Full-HD display – images are incredibly detailed.

With Panasonic 4K you can be certain your message or information will be seen.