Fixed Installation DLP & LCD Projectors


Fix your projector, release your creativity

Panasonic leads the way in projectors for fixed installation. From DLP to LCD projectors, they deliver big, bright, colourful images guaranteed to free your imagination and capture your audience’s attention.

A wide range of lenses, ceiling mounts and brackets give you more freedom to locate both the projector and projector screen where they can optimise your room layout. This makes them ideal for boardrooms, classrooms, museum exhibitions, art projects and lecture theatres. And because our range includes short throw and long throw projectors, they’re as suitable for small spaces as they are for large rooms.

Our fixed installation projectors are flexible when it comes to connectivity too, with software solutions allowing you to wirelessly transmit your content from a handheld device or PC directly to the projector.


Power to the pixel

Panasonic projectors ensure that interactive presentations and multimedia content are crystal clear, with superb contrast ratios and sharp images offering optimal brightness under a range of light-levels. For even greater impact, powerful edge blending and colour matching features allow adjacent fixed-installation projectors to work together – seamlessly. And to help you create your ultimate display we’ve developed powerful Projector Monitoring and Control Software, allowing you to manage up to 2,048 devices over a LAN network from a single PC.


Brighter, richer, longer

Our fixed-installation line-up include a wide range of laser projectors designed to allow amazing images to be experienced and remembered. Meanwhile you can forget about maintenance – significant advancements in projection technology mean that today’s projectors are brighter than ever, easier to install and inexpensive to maintain.