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Extend your capabilities

Panasonic projector accessories and software will allow you to open up unprecedented possibilities in projection creativity.

Our range of detachable short throw lenses make it easy to install projectors in spaces never previously achievable. By mounting an ultra-short-throw lens on our projector, projection distances can be shortened by approximately 60% compared with conventional short-throw lenses. In areas where the ceiling is too high, or where there’s not enough front or rear space for projecting, the space-saving abilities of the lens allow you to project images where you’ve never been able to before.


Make your installations easier

By combining our digital interface accessories (switcher or single interface boxes) with a DIGITAL LINK-ready projector, you can transmit HDMI signals, uncompressed Full-HD videos, audio, and control commands through a single LAN cable over very long distances – up to 150m. This simple, high-quality digital transmission technology (based on HDBaseT™ technology) works to reduce installation costs and complexity in venues of all sizes.

We also provide an adjustment kit for multi-screen or curved-screen projections, helping our professional partners to realise edge blending, colour-matching, brightness control, and geometry adjustment easily and quickly – and create stunning projection effects and settings.